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What to Expect

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You will immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door.

Dr. Mike Gallinger started practicing in Edmonton in 1993. From the beginning, he’s always practiced a holistic approach to care. Dr. Gallinger believes health is an embodiment of mind, body and spirit, and that every person that enters his clinic deserves the same level of compassion he would provide to a family member.

When each patient comes in, their treatment entails a full spine assessment and adjustment. He prides himself on always taking the time to listen and address any questions or needs that his patients may present.

Your First Visit

On the first visit, you will be greeted with a smile. There is an intake form that needs to be filled out. Once completed, the chiropractic assistant will take you to an exam room. She will perform some non-invasive, painless tests including; blood pressure, foot scan and a thermal and EMG scan of your spine.

Once the doctor has reviewed your file and findings, he will come in, introduce himself, and discuss your health issues and the findings.

An examination will be performed. If there is no further tests that need to be ordered or performed, the doctor will provide a treatment on the first day.

Your Second Visit

On the second visit the chiropractic assistant will take you back to the treatment room and explain any procedures that you need to know. The treatment tables do have a motorized flexion/distraction. This provides a gentle stretch to the spine prior to your adjustment. She will explain how the tables work and what to expect.

After your treatment, the doctor will provide you with a written report of findings. This report will contain a print out of the scans performed on the first visit and recommendations for care.

Your Routine Visits

A typical visit starts with a smile and greeting when you enter the office. The assistant will provide you with a clipboard, your file and will let you know which room to enter. The doctor comes into the assigned room and will discuss any complaints or concerns that you may have. From there, the doctor will provide a full spinal adjustment.

A typical visit takes 5-15 minutes, depending on the needs of the patient for that day. We are respectful of time, and do not like to keep anyone waiting. We strive to keep your wait time under 15 minutes.

We Offer Direct Billing

We Direct Bill to many providers. If your provider isn’t listed in the link, please contact our office directly–we would be more than happy to assist you.

Direct Bill List

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